I have changed my hallmark. I was never 100% happy with my old hallmark, so joining the guild was my catalyst to update to my stamp. When a jeweller joins the Gold & Silversmiths guild, his or her Makers Mark is permanently recorded on silver touch-plates for posterity.

I want to put it on record that I have changed my hallmark, because my old one is on some pretty significant pieces I made at Fairfax & Roberts. Fairfax & Roberts in Sydney is the only company in Australia I know of that lets the jewellers who work for them use their own mark.  I’d be interested to hear about other Jewellers that do so too.


My hallmark looks like a star, and it has layered meanings. The overall outline of the star symbolises the sparkle of a diamond.  There is also the connotation of a person who is a star – The woman who wears the jewel is the star of her own life and she will shine like a star while wearing it.

The star is made up of arrows. Like energy, flowing in and out, it symbolises the dynamic equilibrium of life, balanced, but always moving and changing and rebalancing.  I love my little star, it means so much! 

I got it made by Maryanne and the boys at Unimark in Melbourne.  They did an awesome job.

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