Picot – pronounced Pea-ko (from crochet & embroidery).
Picot are pretty little round-shaped stitches that decorate an edge.

I wanted to do something Victorian, and one main design features that stood out to me from researching Victorian jewellery, is the beautiful crescent moon shapes that were popular for a short time.

These jewels were popular in the late Victorian, through to Edwardian period, and were symbolic of the moon.
The moon is such a beautifully feminine motif, it represents the cycles of time and the rhythms of life, it is justly a classic jewellery theme. But they did also have an exotic basis. Archaeological discoveries of the nineteenth century lead to a revival of many ancient styles during this period, and it was Ancient Greek, Roman and Phoenician jewellery featuring the crescent motif that inspired its new popularity.

For the Victorians, the moon was sometimes paired with a star, and sometimes with a flower or a bee, when it was nicknamed a “honeymoon”.

Most of these crescents are in the form of a brooch though, and unfortunately, no one wears brooches anymore, so I have altered the style to make it work as both a pendant and earrings. These are my interpretation of a Victorian crescent. Crescent Circles!  Very wearable, but with all the claw work and the millegrain so it still has an old world feel.

Although these are finished they haven’t been put into production yet, I am just concentrating on my ring ranges to start out.  So that leads me to the real subject of this post, the Picot ring.  I designed it at first, as a compliment to the Crescent Circles but immediately saw that it had a life of it’s own

The Millgrain and Picot band can be worn alone or stacked.  Two bands also perfectly frame either an engagement or a wedding ring on both sides.

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