Yluna Jade Pendant


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  •  Ee-loon-ah

    Yluna takes its name from the Latin root Luna, meaning the moon.

    Thoughtfully designed and crafted with quality components, all the metal is solid sterling silver.
    The chain can be adjusted to different lengths and includes a hallmark tag.

    The Jade is carved in the shape of a crescent circle, to represent the yin qualities of the moon.
    Cycles of time, rhythms of life, instinct and intuition are added to the Jade qualities of abundance and health making this a powerful amulet to wear.

    Ready to ship immediately.
    The chain is included in the price.

  • The Jade is type “C” jade.  This is natural Jadite that has been dyed and stabilized. This industry standard treatment is permanent and helps to give you a beautiful product for a fraction of the price.

  • The jade is 26mm diameter.
    The pendant is 3cm from top to bottom

    The necklace is adjustable.
    It can be worn at:

  • This piece can be made in a different metal:
    Gold – any colour – 9ct, 14ct, 18ct or 22ct   or

    If you like the look of this piece, but would like to customise it in some way, just email me directly to ask for a quote.

    Thank you.

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