I have been running Ladasha Jewellery in San Remo for a little over 12 months now, and there has been a slow but steady development of the business.
It has been a huge growth process for me to go from being a solitary bench jeweller to running a shop and interacting with clients every day.
I work very long hours and get drained of energy, but I am always enjoying it and feel certain that it is what I am supposed to do.

I have spent a lot of resources creating a nice atmosphere in the shop, to reflect the aims of the business and to make people feel welcome.
I have learned a lot from my clients about which products and services are needed in this community.
I’ve built an awesome team of associates with specialised talents that help to get the work done:
Lester, the Watchmaker
Tony, the Jeweller
Ed, the Gemcutter
Mike, the Valuer 

Now that I have created a stable base for the business operations, it is time to turn my attention to filling the store with new & exciting products.
Watch this space, I’ve been designing new and unique pieces, and also acquiring fine gemstones and antique jewellery that will available soon.

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